My Family
First and foremost, my family who has bestowed upon me all the love, support and good spirit anyone could ever ask for. My beautiful wife is at home with our two boys while I am riding across the country for something I feel so strongly about. That is something that I will be forever grateful for. I am fortunate to have such an amazing family.

Matt Raminick
Matt is an amazing human. I called him up one day and said "Dude, I am biking across the country on a beach cruiser for charity. Can you build a website for that?" Matt has met with me weekly and helped me to put so much online stuff together it is crazy. He did it all because he thought what I was doing was important. Matt, you are a king pin!!

John Hampton
John Hampton is a one man army. I approached John from the event side of things early on. John, for those of you who don't know, is the face and name behind so many Wahoos events. I told John my plan, he was quiet for a brief second and then said he loved it. From that day on he has been instrumental in the look, feel and shape of Kenny Do It.

Michelle Patterson
Michelle Patterson runs Event Complete and Taste of Ladera in Orange County California. I met Michelle because my band, Good Man Down, played one of her events(Taste Of Ladera). Michelle's company is a non profit designed to help other non profits raise money for their cause. I barely knew Michelle and she offered what is known as a "non profit sponsorship" that has allowed me to do all of this as a certified (501) (c3) corporation. If that doesn't sound huge to you, consider that Michelle, without even really knowing me, has opened a bank account under her non profit status with me as a cosigner. That was after knowing me for about two weeks. Michelle, you flat out ROCK!!

Enoch Kualu
I met Enoch about a month before leaving and straight up, he is the man!! Enoch is the guy that is out with me for this entire crazy journey. He is so many things. A great human who is always calm when things are going crazy. The video guru who captures all the finest moments out here. An amazing driver, friend, road buddy and about a million other things. Enoch is a walking good luck charm and I am fortunate to have him aboard.

Gary Wordham, Tim Champ and El Monte RV
Gary Wordham has been a friend of mine forever. A true friend in every sense of the word. I was about a week out from the ride and I called Gary up to see if he might be able to help me find a motor home company that would cut me a break since this thing is for charity. Gary promptly called El Monte RV and ended up speaking with a guy named Tim Champ there. The wheels were in motion. Tim Champ liked what I was doing and worked out the most insane deal with me on behalf of El Monte RV. I truly would not be doing this ride if it hadn't been for Gary, Tim and El Monte RV's efforts. Big THANKS!!!

Nirve Bicycle
I am not sure Steve and Linda at Nirve had any idea what they were getting into when I first spoke with them. They must have thought I was crazy. I did mention that I was the good crazy. I went down to Nirve and met the staff there. Great folks and we had quite a few laughs. My Nirve Cruiser is AWESOME and I am pleased to be working with a solid group of good heared peeps. Big props to Nirve.